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UPS Delivery scam (8/9/12)

The following email scam is designed to trick you into clicking the included link, which will subsequently download a virus that will infect your machine. In these cases, please remember to ask yourself whether if you are expecting a email similar to this, if so, you should also hover your mouse above a link to see its true destination before clicking on it. For more information on email and phishing scams, please contact the VCU HelpIT center at 828-2227 or

From: (
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2012 8:51 AM
To: (selected VCU employees)
Subject: Your UPS Invoice is Ready

This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply to this
email address.

Dear UPS Customer,

New invoice(s) are available for the consolidated payment plan(s) /
account(s) enrolled in the UPS Billing Center

Please visit the UPS Billing Center to view and pay your


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