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Mail Quarantine Release Scam (8/15/12)

The following phishing email scam is aimed to steal your login credentials by tricking the victim into clicking on the link contained in the email. The tell tale signs include the sense of urgency, use of generic language, and the fact that the link does not point to a VCU site, and email was not sent from a VCU address. If you have received this or similar email, please discard it. For more information on phishing or email scams, please contact VCU HelpIT center at 828-2227 or


From:        “Allen, Chuck (DNR)” (
Date:        08/15/2012 07:51 AM
Subject:        User Quarantine Release Notification.

Dear Subscriber,

The IT Help Desk is carrying out a routine quarantine exercise, as part of our quarterly server (inactive email-accounts / spam protecting etc) clean-up process to enable service upgrade/migration efficiency. Please be informed that your account usage will be fully restricted if you do not adhere to this notice.

For immediate Quarantine of your account, Click Here ( (Link Redacted) and provide the information requested. (This will confirm your account login/usage
Frequency / account continuation potentials):

All IT Service utilities will not be altered during this period; this will not affect the operation of your IT service systems or the manner in which you currently login to your account. However, failure to respond to this notification may result to technical problems on your Internet access and e-mail service or may render your email account permanently deactivated from the webmaster Database. You will be sent a password reset notice after undergoing this process for confirmation.

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