W2 Scam (6/9/17)

The following scam attempts to trick its victims into clicking on a malicious link, which is designed to download malware on the victims’ computers. Notice the non-VCU email address, generic language, and the non-VCU link; all of which are tell-tale signs of a scam. If you received this email, then please delete it.


rom: <William@poxxxxxcoupon.com>
Date: Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 2:44 PM
Subject: W2 paperless

Dear Account Owner,

Our records indicate that you are enrolled in the Virginia Commonwealth University paperless W2 Program. As a result,
you do not receive a paper W2 but instead receive e-mail notification that your online W2 (i.e. “paperless W2”) is
prepared and ready for viewing.

Your W2 is ready for viewing under Employee Self Service. Logon at the following link:  Click here (Malicious link removed)

If you have trouble logging in to Employee Self Service at the link above, please contact

Mail to
VCU Payroll Services
P. O. Box 842511
Richmond VA 23284-2511

or Deliver to
Human Resource Building
104 North Belvidere Street

or Fax to
(804) 828-3200
On completion of successful logon you can download and open the word document via this link  (Malicious link removed)now and enter your zipcode to see your 2017 open enrollment access info.

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