Job scam (7/19/17)

The following scam attempts to trick its victims into providing personal information, and possibly into a financial scam. Please note that no legit company will ever offer an individual a job without any form of interview, and legit companies will not be hiring individuals and communicating via a Gmail account. If you see these types of emails, then please ignore and delete them.


Date: Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:48 PM


Hello  XXXXX,
Thanks for taking your time to read back to us with your interest about the job,We are AUSENCO a global, diversified engineering,construction and project management company providing services in Minerals &Sustainability and Oil & Gas. We deliver new and better ways to add value to our clients`projects no matter how demanding and we deliver results in some of the world!s most challenging environments .. We have Representatives in the States  that are currently working for the company, these Representatives need materials for the completion of their works.They will email you whenever they need materials and also state type of materials and the quantity they need, It is now your duty to contact the supplier through email or text to make orders for the materials and also state the quantity that should be mailed out to the agent address through post.. Each Representative will only order for materials once a week depending on the task he or she is to have completed for that week, we are employing you just to reduce the workload for us on Our supplier and for the Representatives  and also to keep record of materials and payment receipt record that are being ordered weekly by our Representatives , Is an online pay job where supplier  will only contact you for materials during the weekdays and you can have your own part of the work completed at your spare time in school or at home
Salary/Wages payment:As sated in the first email.
We will always email or text you guidelines and instructions to follow in
getting your job done perfectly when you start working.If you still
care to proceed with the job, Get back to us with the information
listed below so we can process your application as to consider it
valid to commence working with us.

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