Payment scam (3/12/18)

The following scam attempts to trick an employee into a fraudulent wire transfer by pretending to be a high ranking official requesting such transfer, Notice the non-VCU email used and the request for wire transfer to an account in another state; both are tell tale signs of a scam. Individuals receiving these types of requests should always confirm the request with the requester in person or via a known phone number before processing. Please delete this message if you received it.


Sent: Friday, March 9, 2018 3:15 PM
To: XXXXX, Michelle
Subject: RE: Michelle XXXX Expense Reimbursement


Michelle,Here is the details you need in mailing the check to the recipient. I would appreciate if you can make the payment Via USPS Express Mail Delivery. I will forward the receipt to you once am back from my trip.

Name: Arturo Flores
Address: 104 SE 4th St
City: Gilmore City
State: Iowa
Zip Code: 50541



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