[EXTERNAL], Scam 4/9/2018

The following is a scam in which the scammer sends a link over to the victim hoping that they click the link. Upon being clicked the scammer will attempt to steal user information or infect the victim’s machine with malware.

Some signs that is is a scam are the fact that the victim did not know the scammer nor recognize the address. Another sign is that the email only has the malicious link, which in this case has been masked with google URL shortener. Never trust an email from someone you don’t know.

If you have received this email please delete it.
From: I R [mailto:karen@websiteassistant.co.uk]
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 7:36 PM
To: Victim
Subject: [EXTERNAL]

Good evening Victim https://goo.gl/(MALICIOUS URL REMOVED) I R

This message was secured by Zix(R).

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