Victim Watch it! ID zJFU055, Scam (5-7-18)

The following is a scam in which the scammer is attempting to blackmail the victim. The scammer claims that the user went on a adult website and downloaded the scammer’s malware. The malware, the scammer claims, captured the user in some private moments. The scammer will send the video to all of the victim’s relatives unless the victim sends over $358 in bitcoin over to the scammer’s wallet.

This scam depends on the victim being afraid that they will be shamed by their relatives/ people viewing the video. Out of fear of embarrassment the victim will sometimes send over the money. This is a scam, the scammer does not have a video of the victim and even if they did, they would not delete it because the victim sent over some money. The scammer will continue to harass the victim for money until the victim gives up. The best course of action if you receive an email like this is to delete it and ignore the email.
Date: Mon, May 7, 2018 at 3:53 AM
Subject: Victim Watch it! ID zJFU055


Your notebook was infected by the malicious agent .

What is it all about??

I deposited the corruptive program on a hard-core web site, you pressed this file and right away set the malicious program to your laptop computer .

This malicious program make your front-facing camera shooting in such a way I caught the video with you chaturbating.

In next 5 hours this malicious program hijacked all your contact information.

As you can see, I got all your data and clip with you buff the muffin, now in a case if you wanna me to destroy all the contact information pay me 358 U.S. dollars in BTC crypto-currency.

If not I want transport that this videorecord to all your contact numbers .

I send you my Bitcoin code – REDACTED You possess 25 hours after getting this. If I possess this money I am going to destroy that this videorecord once for all.

Im sorry for my mistakes – I’m Chineeze .
P.S. this mail address, I have thieved it.
Don’t reply to this email. This is temporary email address!

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