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Require Important Cuda Succour, Scam (6-11-18)

The following is a scam in which the scammer has a malicious attachment inside the email. In this case, the scammer is posing as someone who needs some help, in this particular scam, the help is with Cuda programming language.

Some signs that this is a scam are the poor grammar and the lack of detail (why are they reaching out/how did they receive the victim’s email?). The Urgent in the subject line also is also used to ignite the victim into responding.

If you have received this email or one like it please delete the email.
From: TCY
Date: June 9, 2018 at 5:37:34 PM GMT+3
To: “”
Subject: Require important Cuda succour – Urgent
Reply-To: TCY


I would like to perform Cuda programming for the image
processing as below (herewith refer to the attached file)

However I get some errors on the programming process

Kindly please provide your suggestion or solution
thus I will be able to improve my computing skills


Tron Orino Yeong


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