Be smarter next time ID 37LsDxt, Scam (7-2-18)

The following is a variation of a previous scam. The structure remains the same, however, the scammer claims they have material (footage) of the victim in some embarrassing manner. Unless the victim sends over a sum of money to the scammer, the video of the victim will be sent to their relatives and other contacts. In the hopes that the victim is too embarrassed, the scammer hopes that the victim will send over the money.

This is a scam, the scammer does not have a video of the victim and even if they did, they would not delete it because the victim sent over some money. The scammer will continue to harass the victim for money until the victim gives up. The best course of action if you receive an email like this is to delete it and ignore the email.

Date: Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 2:49 PM
Subject: Be smarter next time ID 37LsDxt

Hey! While you pull yours pud watching sexual content web site your pocket computer has been attacked. At present I have at my disposal all the essential compromising material and contact files of all your family. The computer program put to work your front camera and filmed and makes snapshots. Also I have at my disposal all access to yours social media service accounts. If you do not desire me to dispatch all photos and video as you have been fucking off to your family members and coworkers, then you have to forward $USD 400 to my Bitcoin id 16UEEYi5WdVmWUfPGc2vpb5NKR6BaSL Otherways in a case if I don’t receive transmission within 24 hours I going to deliver dirt to all your acquaintance and coworkers and to online world. In a case if you should fulfill all that instructions I gonna close down all that photos and video. You must remember that the main thing in your life are family values and this will be a good experience from now on. In a case if you do not do that baddy things there is no such situation. Be meticulous about next time. Yours respectfully. P.S. You have just 24 hours after watching that mail.

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