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Hey Victim, Sorry to keep bothering you… , Scam (7-30-18)

The following is a scam in which the scammer is selling a class. The class in this case is for a owning your own business. The scammer is persistent and will send multiple emails with different subjects and bodies to the victim.

You can tell this is a scam because all the scammer want is your credit card information. The email is sent from an unknown sender and leads to an unknown site.

If you have received this email please delete this email.

From: Cho Phillips
Date: Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 4:42 PM
Subject: Hey Victim, sorry to keep bothering you…

Hey Victim,

Sorry to keep bothering you! I sent you a couple emails this week and just wanted to make sure you got them.
I go over a couple core philosophies I wish I adopted sooner when I was first starting out in my own business.

I think you’ll find what I have to say valuable in helping you on your journey to success.

Here is the private link again, my gift to you. [ Malicious Link Removed]

If there’s a different course you’re interested in, maybe it’s Floral Design, Fashion Show Production, Event Law, or Master Class
just let me know by reply to this email and I’ll see what savings we can work out personally for you.

I can’t wait to see where you take your business!


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