There is a scam circulating in which the scammer is posing as a potential employer. In this particular scam the scammer is asking the victim to put a magnet on their car to advertise for a company. The emails are coming from a VCU account but not a service account or from Career services. The emails are telling all interested students to email to apply.

How this scam works is that the scammer will send over payment for services. The scammer will then request the victim send over some money to another scammer. The payment checks will bounce as they are fraudulent. The scammer will still have the money the victim sent over.

To avoid scams like this you should inspect any job offer emails closely. Is the email address from the Career Services Email account? Or is it from someone you know? Did you apply at the place that is offering you the job? Is the employer interested in conducting an interview?

If you are unsure about an offer email, email or talk to VCU Information Security or VCU Career Services. If you have received an email described as such please delete it.

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