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Re: Request.., Scam (12/11/2018)

The following is a scam in which the scammer is hoping to trick the victim into communication to gain access for an attack. You can tell this is a scam because the scammer’s email address and body of the message.


From: Michael Rao <>
Date: December 11, 2018 at 4:48:37 PM EST
Subject: Re: Request..

Are you available for a quick task?


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Open Document Phishing scam (12-14-2018)

This scam attempts to get the recipient to click the link and download a malicious file. If you receive this email, please delete it.
From: Denise Cannaday <>
Date: Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 12:18 PM
Subject: SMT, Inc. #731


Denise Cannaday has sent you a doc for you to review, follow link below OR open attachment
Open Document (Link Redacted)
Let me know if you have any questions.

Denise A. Cannaday

VP Legal Counsel & Policy
SMT, Inc.
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[Empty Subject], Scam (12/6/2018)

The following is a scam in which the scammer is posing a member of the French Police Force. The scammer is asking for a uniform patch which will likely be used to create replicas which might be used for nefarious purposes.

This is a scam because the person reaches out without explaining how they got the contact info of the victim. If you have received this email please delete it.
From: prevost
Date: Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:22 AM

Sir , Miss

I am a member of French International Police Association.

My number of member is :F 35 204.

I send you this message in order to request your service ans allow us to begin a collection of Police,Sheriff, Customs,Correction,Federal and State Agencies,Army,Fire,Department of Justice,Rescue and Ems ……uniform patches.

If you have the possibilities to send us some gracefuly , i will be pleased.

I work on the railroad police and i am I am a reservist in the national Gendarmerie (military police),

My business adress is:

“Bruno Prevost

Bureau de Police Ferroviaire-Suge


996 Boulevard du Commandant Nicolas

83100 Toulon-FRANCE”

Respectfully and GOD bless AMERICA


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Floral Request, Scam (12-5-18)

The following is a scam email in which the scammer is claiming to have a package for the victim. In this case, the package is a flower delivery.

You can tell this is a scam based off the email, it is not from a flower company and uses the name IT Admin. The email is also very vague and has a link in it. If you receive an email like this please report and delete it.
From: IT Admin
Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2018 at 2:02 PM
Subject: Floral Request

Good Morning,

I work in ‘Friendly Floral’, next to the BB&T Bank and we recieved a request, that we think, is for you. Unfortunately for us, the voicemail that left the delivery was not very clear. We called the front desk and they gave us your email. The closest name and address matches you, so I thought i would email you first to see if you recognize the name and address of the sender.

Click here [Link Redacted]

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