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Can you fix this? Scam (02/01/2018)

The following is a scam that attempts to trick the user into opening a channel of communication with the scammer. Once communication has been established the scammer will ask for a wire transfer with false information, giving the scammer access to the wire transfer. This scammer in particular is impersonating a fellow VCU employee.

Notice the non-vcu address, the address does not even match the name of the person they are trying to impersonate. If a fellow employee has to request a service from you, they will use their VCU email not their personal. The generic subject line and the lack of information inside the email itself are all signs that this is a scam. If you have received this email please delete it.
From: Lxxxx Bxxx (
Date: Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 9:08 AM
Subject: Can you fix this

I’ll need you to process a Wire transfer to a vendor . Let me know if you are available for instructions.
Lxxxxx Bxxxxx

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