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Package? Scam (2/05/2018)

The following is a scam that attempts to trick the user into clicking a link. Once clicked the scammer will be able to obtain personal information (Social Security, username/passwords, credit card information) or to distribute malware to the user’s machine. Notice the generic language, strange email address and the false sense of urgency. All of these are signs of a phishing scam. If you have received this email please delete it.

Date: Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 2:14 PM
Subject: package?


A package was delivered to us by mistake…..I think

I opened the box and noted that your email was on the invoice…coming up to summer I thought it might be personal or work related.

We are just down the road by the Mcdonalds. I can drop it by if you will be in this afternoon?

I took a picture of the invoice, I can’t make out the name but you can clearly see your email address

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