Doc Sign, Scam (5-29-18)

The following scam tricks the victims into clicking a link. Once clicked the scammer will either push malware to the victim’s machine or request a username/password which will be stolen.

This particular scam is harder to spot because it was sent from a compromised account. Since the scammers where using an email that they had already compromised, you cannot look at the email and determine straight away that it is a scam. The email message is sent from a personal account not a service one which is a sign that this is a scam. Some other signs that point to scam are the poor grammar, the urgency of the email. The broken formatting in the email is also a give away that this is not an official email. The Email signature (Powered by) is also broken which is another sign that this email is a scam.

If you have recieved this email please delete it.
From: Scammer
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2018 2:53 PM
Subject: Doc Sign


I want you to check the file and get back to me if any question.

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Image removed by sender. DocuSign

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