Victim, Damaging Information ID C18zvlk! (6-4-2018)

The following is a variation of a previous scam. The structure remains the same, however, the scammer claims they have material (footage) of the victim in some embarrassing manner. Unless the victim sends over a sum of money to the scammer, the video of the victim will be sent to their relatives and other contacts. In the hopes that the victim is too embarrassed, the scammer hopes that the victim will send over the money.

This is a scam, the scammer does not have a video of the victim and even if they did, they would not delete it because the victim sent over some money. The scammer will continue to harass the victim for money until the victim gives up. The best course of action if you receive an email like this is to delete it and ignore the email.

Date: Fri, Jun 1, 2018, 6:47 PM
Subject: Victim, Damaging information ID D18zvIk!

Good afternoon, Victim
While you were having fun in front of the computer screen browsing sex tapes and jerking your dong yours handheld computer caught a computer virus through the browser
This virus is intended to capture your WebCam, trace all your movements and history of your brows of the erotic sites you attended.
But the best thing about this virus is that it can power yours your camera, access your mail box and leaked your contact information.
Notice that I also have access to yours social networking websites accounts.
So, I have snap shots and videos of you, with your pants down. Vids where youre masturbating.
If you don’t want your colleagues, and random users to see you discharging your pipe, I suggest you do this: Send me 400 $.
This is my Bitcoin wallet [Link Redacted]
When I ll obtain the mentioned money, I ll del all the video and photos and you will never see from me.
If you dont send the money within 25 hours since the moment you read this email, I will send your dirty underwear through your social media for everyone to see, to your friends, to your co-workers, to your colleagues, family.
P.S. My English is not very good because I’am not a native, but Iam sure you understand.
Dont answer to this letter. It not mine and I `am not planning to use it any more.

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