Graduation Scam (7-3-18)

There have been reports of a new scam targeting students who have graduated or are near graduation. The scam is conducted over phone, the scammer will state that the victim will need to give back their degree because they are missing class credits and/or owe money to the school. The scammer claims they have agents on the way to take the degree. The scammer will give information such as student housing records, class/grade info, and graduation info in an attempt to appear more legitimate. Please be advised that the call is a scam.

If VCU needs to reach out to you for unpaid debt they will do so with email. You can also check your e-services account to check for unpaid balance. If VCU needs to revoke your degree they will ask you to return it by mail or destroy it. If you are unsure about your status or have questions about your degree, you should contact the Office of Records and Registration directly at If you received a phone call such as this, hang up and do not contact them back.

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