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Extortion scam 8-27-2018

The following scam attempts to extort money from its victims by claiming that the scammer has compromising footage of its victims captured through a hacked web cam. The scammers will typically request the victims to pay a certain amount of money to the scammer via bitcoin or the scammers will release the compromising footage. Please be aware that these emails are new forms of extortion scams aimed to scare the victim into paying a ransom to the scammer. In reality, the scammer does not have any footage of the victim. To ensure your online privacy, it is always advisable to keep a good computer hygiene, avoid unknown and unsafe websites, and use a webcam cover over your webcams to add another layer of privacy. If you received this scam, then please delete it.


From: Kennedy Howard <”>


Subject: I don’t know whenever you going to like it or not, but you should read it for sure


Hi there <Victim name>,

Scam Message

Scam Message

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